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iTWOSafe – 1 Year Subscription

The iTWOsafe smart distancing app supports workers to smartly monitor and trace physical distancing on work environments. The user can easily download the iTWOsafe app to their smart phone and connect with our light-weight Bluetooth device.

We also offer iTWOsafe 2 years subscription
  • iTWOSafe 1 Year Subscription - 5 Pack
    $4,894.00 excl tax
  • iTWOSafe 1 Year Subscription - 10 pack
    $9,786.00 excl tax
  • iTWOSafe 1 Year Subscription - 50 pack
    $39,146.00 excl tax
  • iTWOSafe 1 Year Subscription - 100 pack
    $58,720.00 excl tax

How does iTWOsafe - the safety and smart distancing app work?

iTWOsafe supports employees to smartly monitor and track physical distancing on work sites. The user can simply download the app to their smart phone and connect it with our light-weighted Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) device attached either as a tag to their work uniform or as a wristband. The smart monitoring Bluetooth allows the working distance to be easily manageable, tracking the user’s physical distance from other users wearing the device. 

Users can work in confidence knowing how close they are to other workers. They can receive alerts before breaching the distance requirement and the contact history of the job site can be traced for infection emergency. Comprehensive reports can be automatically generated, allowing workers to take precautious measures and create a healthy and safe working environment. 


Which industries use iTWOsafe?

iTWOsafe is very applicable in many industries and can be used in manufacturing, construction, architecture, engineering, healthcare, transport, distribution, retail and many more.

For more information about the iTWOsafe mobile application, contact us now on 1800 223 562 to speak to one of our industry experts.